XWF/2E Contributors & Your Stories!

Putting together an AWESOME group of contributors for the X-Ways Forensics Practitioner’s Guide/2E.  Just wait until you see the line up from some of the most competent users of X-Ways Forensics and respected members of the forensic community!


Do you have an interesting or cool X-Ways Forensics story to tell?

Comment below with your story and you could end up in the book! What kind of story? If you have any case or instance where XWF made your day, made your case, or surprised you in doing something, then that is the kind of story we are looking for.

There are so many “x” ways to use X-Ways Forensics that we’d like to showcase different ways that users have been doing for the past years or even from yesterday. Your “x” way may be better than another way, or maybe just different. We want to know and maybe put you in the book!



Author: Brett Shavers

http://www.amazon.com/author/brettshavers https://www.brettshavers.com https://www.dfir.training

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